Flower Soup


4 cups medicinal broth (see recipe)
4 medium-sized Japanese turnips
1 tablespoon of umeboshi plum sauce
1 teaspoon multicolored edible flower petals
2 teaspoons organic soy sauce or tamari


Boil Japanese turnips till soft, but not falling apart (10–15 min), and cool down. Slice off both sides of turnips, so they can stand up, and gently cut each turnip into four slices. Don’t cut slices to the end, so pieces can stay together. Put each turnip inside a bowl and gently open slices like a flower. Inside each turnip, put a drop of umeboshi plum to make it look like the stigma of a flower. Add soy sauce or tamari to the medicinal broth and stir. Carefully pour warm broth around the flower, so it stays upright. Say a food prayer and then empty the teaspoon of edible flowers into the soup. Explore and enjoy this edible mandala before eating it with love!

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