Medicinal Broth (base for all my cooking)


Base (dashi broth)
Two sheets of kombu seaweed
5 dry shitake mushrooms

Fresh ginger root (6 inches)
Fresh turmeric root (3 inches)
Fresh lemongrass (1 stock)
Onion (1 whole)
Carrots (3 whole)
Celery (3 stocks)
Any leftover vegetables that are on the verge
of being soft but still good to eat.


Fill large pot 2/3 full with water. Bring to boil.

Add kombu seaweed and shitake mushrooms
(just these two ingredients make traditional Japanese broth known as dashi)

Add optional ingredients if you have them available.

Lower temperature to simmer.

Cook for two hours, then strain.

Use broth instead of water for soups, rice,
or anything else that requires liquid.

Keep cool in refrigerator for up to three days or
freeze and use when needed within a month.

Enjoy. This broth is full of micronutrients,
iodine, vitamins, and minerals!

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