We nurture those that dare to dream, those with an appetite for service.
Everything that goes into a Project Butterfly Social event, is our gift to you.


Thank you for your selfless service in the co-creation of a inspired world


What better way to connect, than having an engaged conversation while sharing creative food


We welcome change makers to take a breath and rest in abundance


Abundance creates abundance and we aim to spark a gifting culture where resources manifest


One nourishing meal together can awaken and amplify your vision to ripple outwards positive change

We host intimate, luxurious, abundant gatherings for nonprofits, movements and causes that are working towards an inspired world. Both the space and food are thoughtfully prepared and customized to accommodate the mission and needs of the organization that we are in service to. Some of the past gatherings have been board meetings, fundraisers, and friendraisers. We provide a graceful and elegant space with various selections of eye-rollingly delicious food: hors d’oeuvres, tapas, buffet or plated sit down dining.
The food is experimental and experiential. To sum up twenty years of dedicated cuisine focused travel, Anya offers exquisite, thoughtful, beautiful meals that truly go beyond food. This is refined, plated abundance that evokes the art of culinary love as ritual. And yes, you deserve this nourishing embrace.
These are provisions for progress
These are truffles for change
This is caviar for catalysts

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