About the Chef

She’s been referred to as Philanthropy with Michelin stars. She hosts like a butterfly and brings like a bee. She cultivates her veggies from her “fifth floor farms” and feeds futurists fine foods in her fancy first floor foyer. The food is simple, elaborate and full of heart. She is the Alchemist of sacred fuel and a selfless pollinator of modern day saints. She is a luxuriously loving activist, and a passionately simple artist who believes in culinary experience as a ritual to be shared.

Neem Karoli Baba’s words: “Love everyone, Feed everyone” guide her work~With brave wings she flies.

About the Foundation

Project Butterfly Social is part of The Kamanya Foundation (501C3 nonprofit organization devoted supporting sacred action and preserving diversity)
Project Butterfly Social
is supporting the voices and sacred actions of the visionaries who work towards creating a more sustainable future
We Love And Honour You
This is our Version of philanthropy Our theory of change
We Commit To

selfless service

Loving and caring support of causes for the greater good.


Vegetarian/Organic/Local/Farmer’s Market/Seasonal/Non-GMO.

a diverse community

Of people, cuisine and conversation.

seek the unique

Eclectic, exotic, sensual beauty at every turn.

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